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Thursday, September 15, 2005

John Roberts' hearings undermine the Democrats

The pick of John Roberts by President Bush was thought to result in a battle over the Supreme Court. The Democrats led by judiciary committee members Leahy, Biden, Durbin, Schumer and Kennedy are the most partisan hack politicians the nation has ever known and were to take on the President's pick for the high court undermining not only the nominee but the President at the same time. The hope by liberals was to defeat President Bush's nominees with filibusters and criticism that would lead to defeat for judges that the liberals disapprove of. But the liberals hopes faded after the first day of hearings to confirm John Roberts to the high court as well to the Chief Justice position.

Ted Kennedy made a pathetic fool of himself trying to claim that Roberts said the EEOC was un-American. Roberts answered with his cool sharp demeanor that the one that filed a lawsuit against the EEOC said that the way he was being treated by the EEOC was un-American. John Roberts job was to defend the EEOC in the lawsuit. The day earlier Democrats on the committee we interrupting Judge Roberts to throw him off his answers or un-rattle him, however, Ted Kennedy was left to look foolish in his attempt to harm Roberts. Ted Kennedy was left hanging like an old boxer that couldn't catch his breath after a defeat by a new younger boxer.

The Democrats were down to begging for something to grab onto as Biden and Feinstein mumbled that they don't know how they will vote on the nomination. For liberals everywhere it has to be embarrassing to them how their leaders in the Senate looked so foolish.


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