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Friday, April 28, 2006

It's About 9-11, Stupid

Did you forget 9-11 already? You bet many have and it's by design by the liberal media. Forget, deny, bury your head in the sand, out of sight out of mind, is the policy of the liberal media. There are people that don't know why we are at war. They forgot, forgot 9-11 already. That day that shocked the world and near 3,000 were murdered will not be forgot, so was the cry the days and months after 9-11-01. The liberal media and their Democrat friends quickly went into spin and smear mode days after they said they were united in the war on terror. It didn't last long. Did anyone expect them to. A movie about 9-11 called Flight 93 is being seen and the liberals don't like it. They don't want their hard work to get people to forget what happened and to forget the reason we are at war to be undone. They don't want the facts in a movie to remind people what it's about. The day that called for stiff action against those that would do us harm has resulted in a lot of hard fighting and lose of life for many that serve in our military to defend America. People need to remember what it's about and why American troops sacrifice and risk their lives to defend America.


  • At 7:34 PM, Blogger jack32 said…

    Ok I will admit that was a very interesting piece, but I have to disagree. We as an American people have not forgotten about 9-11 nor has the liberal media been trying to push 9-11 out of the picture. I saw flight 93 and it sucked. All these media outlets try to do is manufacture NEW news. Not dwell on 9-11 all the time because no one would watch it. It's all about ratings and since fox news is the fairest media outlet they're kicking ass in the ratings. So it is not the liberal medias fault or anyones cause 9-11 hasn't been forgotten in the first place.


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