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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rocking the Draft Hoax

MTV's Rock the Vote is continuing to push the draft hoax, with a draft your friends e-card. Along with that they've included some left-beat articles, hyping up the possible reasons for a draft. The supposed "un-partisan" voter registration, is again showing its true colors.

Heres the the truth about the draft rumour at Fact

Quote from Rock the Vote Blog
As it is, our military is stretched almost to the breaking point trying to maintain troop levels in Iraq and around the world. If civil war erupts in Iraq, or if Pakistan, North Korea or other nations begin to pose new military threats, how would we meet the demand for troops?

Did you know that:

It would only take two to three days for Congress and the President to authorize a draft and set the Selective Service System's plans in motion?

That 20-year-olds would be the first to be inducted?

That women are very likely to be included in the next draft?

It's up to us to educate ourselves. In the event of a draft, we won't have much time to form an opinion. And with just 34 days left until the election, we need to take a stand now by registering to vote.

Click here to get the facts about a potential draft, and to find out what you can do.

Bush Slated to Win has a election scoreboard, showing the current electoral standing of Bush and Kerry across the US.

Check out the Map

All Eyes on the Debate

Must reads before you watch the massacre at 9/8:00 pm central.

Ragin Gore Providing Debate Tips

Bob Schieffer Won't Do

Networks Not Looking To Follow Debate Rules

Oh and by the way the Master of Reverse Descrimination and slurred English, Reverend Jesse Jackson has joined the Kerry Team.
“We will not stand idly by while African American and minority voters are intimidated, turned away from the polls or effectively disenfranchised in any way. Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards share my concerns on this crucial issue and we will be working hard to secure the voting rights of all Americans.”
Full Story

Radical Left Insanity

In a recent letter to the editor of the S.F. Chronicle, a reader by the name of Zelda Penton made an unusual request to the European Union.

Editor -- I'd suggest to the leaders of the European Union an action that might alleviate their worries and also solve our problems. Why don't they launch a pre-emptive attack on the United States to liberate us from the Bush administration? Hopefully, they would not only get rid of the rogues in power, but they could then build up our country, restore our industries so that jobs would be provided for Americans, institute a national health plan, etc. I, and many others, certainly would be dancing in the streets and showering the Europeans with flowers.

Castro Valley

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Hasn't John Kerry Ever Read a History Book?

Great article written by John Armor of, debunking a speech John Kerry gave last Friday at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Hasn't John Kerry Ever Read a History Book?

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

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