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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

W. Mark Felt was Deep Throat

Felt had the second highest position at the FBI. He was suppose to be for justice and was to protect government material during investigations. Peoples liberties are harmed when material is released and their Constitutional rights violated. Protections of rights of due process and liberties are the most cherished of our rights as Americans. Felt violated rights and liberties of President Nixon and countless others. It is criminal activity to release government property in an investigation. Woodward, Bernstein and Bradley of the Washington Post covered up the crimes of Felt and used it to their own gain which is criminal activity on their part. They were conspirators to do harm to a President and the nation. They want the praise from their friends in the media but they should also have paid for their criminal activity. It would have only been beneficial if Nixon remained in office to the end of his term. He would have been able to manage the end of the Vietnam war without the suffering and deaths of millions in Southeast Asia. There was no benefit of Nixon resigning. The results of Watergate has poisoned politics ever since with politicians and media trying to bring down those they oppose by stirring up Watergate style investigations. Members of the media try to destroy others to become the next "Woodward and Bernstein" with little care who they may slander falsely or whose rights and liberties are violated. What Felt, Woodward, Bernstein and Bradley did was destructive to the nation, they were disgraceful in their conduct and it was criminal.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The New De-facto Judiciary Committee

The so called Senate moderates, 7 from each party, joined in a radical political power play to form their own de-facto Judiciary committee. While the Republicans had the Judiciary Committee majority with Senator Spector the chairman, the new group of 14 will have the power to pick what judges get sent to the whole Senate to be confirmed. The Judiciary committee was the most powerful of all Senate committees because of it's power in the Judicial confirmation process. It is unknown what Senator Spector thinks about his loss of power as well as the other Senators that were on the committee but they can't be pleased. Senators wait years for the covered seats and the prestige it brings. The Judiciary Committee always decided what Judges are sent to the Senate for confirmation votes after hearing that could last many days. The Democrats used a filibuster to stop a vote on President Bush's nominees even though they were approved by the Judiciary Committee. The unprecedented filibuster by Democrats already vetoed the Committee approval. The Republicans have the majority to force a vote on all judges that pass the committee by declaring the Constitution requires a vote. The Constitution requires consultation which is viewed as requiring a vote on the President's judicial nominees.