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Saturday, November 13, 2004

How President George W. Bush won re-election

President Bush won the two most important battle ground states of Florida and Ohio to gain the electoral votes needed to win re-election. Kerry conceded after it was clear he had no chance to fight the results in the courts like Al Gore did in Florida in the last election. How the President won. With the economy strong and the war on terrorism being the most important issue President Bush won with the largest vote total ever. Record numbers voted in what many call the most important election in their life times. The Democrat nominee, Kerry, was hurt by his dishonorable conduct during the Vietnam war when he bashed those that were serving there by accusing them of horrible crimes. Vietnam Veterans spoke out against kerry and were very effective with the use of campaign ads, books, web sites and movies to get the facts out to the general public. Left wing groups used tens of millions of dollars to bash Bush with propaganda to undermine the President and the war on terror but in the end the much smaller group of Veterans with donations from average citizens were more effective getting their message out because of their credibility. Leftists often made themselves look extremist and anti-American in their political agenda to defeat Bush. Kerry's supporters and the liberal media were also rejected by the voters whom were offended by their visceral hate and outright lies and propaganda including forged papers Dan Rather of CBS used to destroy the president. The last week, Kerry jumped on a story done by the liberal media of the NY Times and CBS of supposed missing weapons in Iraq which ended up hurting his campaign. The US military said they did find and destroy tons of weapons where they were supposedly missing from. A Bin Laden tape came out just days before the election which reminded everyone of the seriousness of the war on terror the President has been effective dealing with. President Bush won over 50% of the vote and claims a mandate to enact his policies. Republicans also picked up 4 Senate seats and gained in the House making a sweeping victory for President Bush and the Republicans.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


In perusing the news today, I read where we are having success in Iraq, that Ashcroft and Evans have resigned from the Bush cabinet, gold ended firm in Europe in a 16 year high, and oil prices continue their six week fall. However, I have now read it all ... "Kerry supporters seek therapy in South Florida".
The mental condition of the 15 patients being treated by a Boca Raton trauma specialist is now known as "post election selection trauma", or PEST. Therapists in Palm Beach County are "working to develop a counseling program" for this latest of psychological problems. The executive director of the American Health Association, in Boca Raton, reports the malady to be "like post-traumatic stress syndrome ... "
I thirst for the day these "victims" turn on their party, hire John Edwards to represent them, and sue the DNC, alleging the Dems ran such a lousy campaign that their candidate was defeated, that the defeat has caused these "victims" to suffer from PEST, and only millions of dollars will compensate them for their "pain and suffering".

Saturday, November 06, 2004


Since the Bush win on Nov 4, there have been many public introspectives by saddened democrats. They have blamed everything from gay marriage to Kerry himself. They have searched in vain to find a true reason for their party's failure at the polls. They have ridiculed the voters, called us stupid, hayseeds, hicks and nazis. They have failed to see the truth. Surpised?? Me neither. Their arrogance and self-proclaimed superiority have lost them this election, it's that simple.

Depressed democrats, (my favorite kind), have said that Bush did a better job scaring the people of this country. I fear they will never understand us, at least I hope not. Americans, as we know are hard working family-oriented people. We like to be among friends and do what we can to secure our futures as INDIVIDUALS. We do not vote because we are scared. We may be scared by certain things, but we never run.

Liberals see this country as a huge classroom, and themselves as the enlightened professors. They think that average Americans are incapable of true understanding. So, they have elected themselves to be self-appointed 'life guides" for us all. They will tell us how to live. They will tell us how to worship. They will tell us what to think and believe. They will admonish us when we are wrong. You see, it's for our own good, they only want to help us. HOGWASH!! .......The American people just put a razor blade in Teacher's apple. Enough was finally.....enough.

We are a proud people. We do not like being pandered to, but we tolerated it for a while. We do not like being lied to, but we tolerated it for a while. We do not like to see the things we hold dear attacked from within, or from without, but we tolerated it....for a while. On November 2, 2004, we had finally begun to realize that....we don't have to put up with this nonsense anymore, so we won't. We turned out nation wide, not as Republicans, but as Americans. .............Millions and Millions of INDIVIDUAL Americans.

These are the things that really lost it for the Democrat party. It's not a campaign, it's a fundamentally flawed ideology that causes their problems. So, rest easy while the liberal 'elites' spin in circles trying to find the magic bullet, there is none. Until they change their ideology, their attitude, their demeanor, and their minds, they will continue to lose elections. Until the Democrat party sees Americans as individuals, and not a set of groups to be pandered to, they will continue to lose elections. Until the Democrat party begins to love this country again, and seek to better it, instead of just seeking the power to rule it, they will continue to lose elections. Until the Democrat party becomes.....the Republican party, they will continue to lose elections.


In posting my "blogs" over the past month or so on this website, I have more than sufficiently covered the state of our "free press" and my fears of the results of "misinformation and unbalanced reporting". "The Unbalanced State of Free Speech in America", Friday, October 22, 2004.
I also voiced my opinion that conservatives needed to respond to accusations being made against President Bush ("Support our President", Tuesday, October 19, 2004), that the "slanted news coverage" by the liberal media was giving Candidate Kerry an unfair advantage ("The Liberals are Stealing our Republic" Wednesday, October 27, 2004), and that those same liberals were "attempting to sell us a bag empty of substance, but full of tricks" ("Proof Continues to Mount that Kerry is Unqualified to Serve in the White House", Tuesday, October 26, 2004").
Well, my fellow conservative Americans, you waded through all that hyperbole, the misinformation, the unbalanced reporting, AND ignored all the labels and insults thrown at the "conservatives" of this country, and put President Bush back into office for four more years. I am SO impressed by the number of "thinking" individuals in this wonderful land. I, therefore, wish to give you credit for this most important of results, extend my thanks, and acknowledge my gratitude for all your efforts.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


CCR Blog

Even after the forged documents on CBS, the constant anti-bush reporting, and a biased look at Iraq have failed to achieve victory; the liberal media has failed to learn it's lesson. I think that the flawed exit polls were not flawed at all. Rather, (No pun intended), they were contrived. In an effort to discourage Bush voters and encourage Kerry voters, media members breathlessly hinted, although subtly, that the election was over. Kerry had won, and yet......not a single vote had been counted. We, sadly, have learned to live with this. We win anyway.

I, for one, wish to send the media a message. And, happily, we have done that together as a Nation. The unfortunate part is that they were not listening, or......don't really care. Watching the media's shock and mourning, their gruesome Kerry autopsy and their priceless faces was humorous, but sad. To be so dedicated to a lost cause must be frustrating, but the truth is: They are fast becoming irrelevant. Think of it. An entire industry created for the sole purpose of being current and relevant is now,...neither.

The reason for their demise? It's simple really. They are victims of their own success. Before there were alternate sources of information, people lived by the words spoken by bodiless heads flickering in their living rooms. This information monopoly was great for a while. Until one got an idea. The media slowly, around the time of the Vietnam war, began to affect change in the policies of the country. It began to realize that is had un-bridled power to persuade. It could persuade millions, sometimes subtly and sometimes with brute force....repeating the same thing in many different ways until the lie became a people's minds.

The masters became drunk on their power and abused it. They took down a president and elected Carter. They invented political correctness and jammed it down our throats. They were unstoppable. Until one day, they were circumvented by a former California governor. Reagan went directly to the people and left them out of the loop. This Enraged them to the point that they lost sight of who exactly it is that grants them their viewers. We began to look elsewhere for information.

This left a HUGE void in a marketplace screaming for information. A long dead format, Talk Radio, was revived and seemingly overnight....had dominated the OLD media. They forgot to protect their flank. Soon after talk radio roared from it's former obscurity, the internet was popularized. Suddenly, people could share information over great distances, instantly, and at very low cost. The monopoly had been broken. The old masters had lost their precious power to their own arrogance. Touche!!

The old masters, a few of which are still around, still refuse to acknowledge these new media as if they will someday go away. Well guess what my friends....We are here to challenge the so-called 'facts' disseminated to the masses. We are here to scrutinize and defend. We are here to analyze and discuss. We, my friends, are stay.

I watched them trying to find a way for Kerry to win. I watched them twist and reach for a way, any possible way that Bush, the evil one, could be vanquished. But in the end, they had failed to persuade enough people that up was down, that wrong was right or that black....was white. Not enough of us were fooled by forged documents, lies, and conveniently omitted challenges of Kerry's so-called 'plan'. We beat them honestly and with a clear view of the facts. We beat them with truth and sober analysis. We beat them, my friends...with GOOD. This is the beginning of truth in media. If they fail to learn this lesson, they will vanish, and I for one, believe....they will vanish.


What a big difference there is between fact and media "hype". Voters in 11 states have now rejected gay marriage and the conservative sites on the Internet are reporting Bush has won re-election. The liberal media, however, is reporting that, four years after Bush’s election in 2000, the voters are more deeply divided than ever. Such presumption by the liberals totally disregards the fact that Bush has won the first majority in 16 years.
At the same time NBC, MSNBC and FNC called the outcome in Ohio as being for Bush, CBS, ABC and CNN refused to do so, preferring to project Nevada for Bush, while the other media sources did not (even though 100 percent of that state’s votes were in). Once again it appears as though the television networks are deliberately keeping the election in limbo, and blatantly displaying their personal agendas.
In his latest press conference, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn, spoke of Senator Daschle’s (D-SD) defeat as the first ouster of a Senate boss since 1952, and made note of the voters’ rejection of Democrat "obstructionism". Senator George Allen, R-VA, acknowledged that Daschle’s ouster had been "the Republicans’ top priority." However, NBC was still reporting the Senate race in South Dakota as "to close to call", even though Daschle was more than 8,000 votes behind Thune and 99 percent of the precincts had reported.
What does this all tell you? I don’t know what it tells you, but it tells me that the voters have spoken and the media refuses to hear the message. The very media refusing to hear the message is the one we heretofore looked to for our daily news and of which we did not get. We, the electorate, need to now demand the same accuracy in media reporting as the media has demanded be delivered by the vote counting process in this country, albeit the media’s message falls short of accuracy, contrary to the success that vote counting has given us.