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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Rush Limbaugh in Afghanistan, but not the media

Rush called in from Afghanistan to his show the last two days. He said he was impressed by the military and all they are doing. Here we are at war and the media such as TV cable and news networks are struggling for ratings; you would think they would cover the war to increase ratings. The liberal media's coverage has been negative when they do cover it. The problem for them is those that are interested are more likely conservatives and not liberals. Conservatives will not watch biased news reporting and liberals just don't care to see our military in action. If the media like cable news were looking for interesting programming they have all the footage they want in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dean takes over the Democrats Party

The Democrat party is now run by the failed candidate Howard Dean. Dean is on the left of his party and backed by extremist groups like moveon, George Soros, radical progressives and anarchists. The move to the left comes at a time when the Democrat party is losing elections and has lost the House of Representatives for 10 years. The farther the Democrats move to the left the less they will appeal to moderates. Many Democrats are voicing concern and Republicans are gleeful by the prospect of Dean saying some radical statements and embarrassing the Democrat party like he did when he ran for president yelling yeehaah and screaming in an unbecoming fashion. Already Dean said he hates Republicans and stereotyped blacks as be waiters in hotels serving Republicans. It's unknown to what extent Dean can make off the cuff remarks that create controversy until the Democrats would need to replace him as their leader. The problem is that the radical left of the party has gained such power that they wouldn't accept Dean being removed.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Tenure for college professors is a farce

Since when someone can't be fired? Liberals that run colleges embrace the tenure rule that makes it difficult to fire professors. Many professors are liberals and it looks obvious that they are protecting their liberal friends by giving them tenure. Let's start a new rule and call it 'de-tenure' because of the importance of the job teaching at a College or University. 'De-tenure' means all professors get annual revues to see if they should keep their jobs. Only the best continue as a professor or department leader. Certainly, professors would have no problem finding other employment if they are let go. If they can't get another job easily it's proof they weren't qualified to be a professor and the decision to fire them was well made. Competition for the important jobs of teaching at colleges needs to be introduced and no one should be comfortable that they can't be fired. All professorships need to be open to the best annually and only those Colleges and Universities that do so should be accredited and recognized for quality.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

President George Bush gives the State of the Union Address

President Bush spoke with confidence, and boldly outlined a plan to reform Social Security and to win the war on terror while expanding freedom around the world. Bush explained the need to improve the Social Security system so younger people can put part of their money in a personal account so it grows in a similar way Congress has their own retirement plan. In what will be the most memorable part of the speech is when Bush acknowledged the Iraqi people who braved their way to vote. Many Republicans held up a finger with ink on it like Iraqi voters had when they voted. An Iraqi women was in the audience and was congratulated as a symbol to all Iraqis. A mother of a fallen American soldier and the Iraqi women embraced in an emotional moment. President Bush clearly set the agenda to build on the successes of the last 4 years. With the economy strong and the continuing progress in the war on terror, President George Bush's starts his second term with a bold agenda and from a position of strength. Read State of the Union Highlights