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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

President Bush's Speech About Iraq

President Bush spoke to the nation about the accomplishments in Iraq and how the AlQeada terrorists responsible for 9-11 attack on America would not be allowed to win in Iraq on his watch.

Bush spoke optimistically about the ultimate result of a free Iraqi nation and the defeat of the terrorists whom weren't able to stop the turn over of Iraq to an Iraqi government and elections. Bush said the terrorists haven't been able to stop progress and will fail. He again said the work is hard and would take time as he said from the days just after 9-11.

Although AlQeada terrorists in Iraq kill by suicide bombs and other terrorist actions like blowing up women and children; the liberals and Democrats complained that Bush stated the obvious, that the fight in Iraq is against the AlQeada terrorists. Saddam is in jail with little support left. Most terrorists are AlQeada recruits from other countries and they are killing many Iraqis. Few Iraqis support the terrorists. Iraqis by the thousands are joining the police and military to fight along with US forces against the terrorists.