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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Judge orders woman to be starved to death.

One judge rules Terri Shiavo killed by starvation. One judge ignored many facts we have learned and accepted those he liked and ruled a women who is brain damaged be starved to death. Higher courts refuse to take a look at the case even though the Congress passed a bill that Federal courts are to take a second look. Judges refuse, turning a blind eye. Courts refuse to save her life disregarding her rights of life and due process, the Governor of Florida is blocked, the Congress elected by citizens is ignored. The woman's mother, father, sister, brother, friends, doctors and nurses whom dispute what the one judge ruled are all ignored and have no say, those elected by the people do nothing or are ignored. One judge plays God and gives a death order by starvation dictating who will die. What has become of America? This is a horrendous travesty of justice, an injustice to a family and a women whom can't speak for herself. We have become ruled by judges, above the law, above family, above the people, above those elected. Old people, disabled people, the retarded, those that can't care for themselves for what ever reason, have it be a temporary condition or long term, are at risk. With judges taking such power we are a nation at risk.