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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Wilson and Plame Scandal

While the liberal media was hoping they could destroy Rove, the President's adviser, the real scandal is the disgraceful lies of Wilson in an attempt to undermine the President and therefore the nation during a war. The questions should be fast and many for Wilson, Plame and David Corn of what they knew. Mark Levin has a well done report that uncovers the real scandal of Wilson and his wife Plame. While an investigation goes on, the administration can't comment but the investigation shouldn't have anything to do with the them by now. The evidence we know clears Rove of any wrong doing. Rove was falsely accused by enemies of the President. Now that the evidence points to sinister motives by liberals in the media to destroy the President the focus should now be on those involved. The original 'so called crime' of outing a innocent CIA agent was never close to being a crime by anyone. The media, while "reporting" that there was a possible crime of an outing of an agent, the same liberal media claimed they didn't have to say what they knew because no crime was possible in the outing of Plame because she was already out long ago. The liberals tried to create a scandal for the President to deal with in his second term but now the scandal is now for the liberals to answer for to the American people.

Friday, July 01, 2005

O'Connor Announces Retirement From Supreme Court

O'Connor to retire from the Supreme Court. The liberals will likely bash the President's nominee but it's unlikely they will be able to filibuster a US Supreme Court judge. Political groups will mobilize to either push or defeat someone they oppose but the president will pick who he wants and the judiciary committee will pass them to the full Senate. Those that try to filibuster will look extreme and will likely lose politically.