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Friday, January 28, 2005

Ted Kennedy sides with enemies of America and the free world.

Ted Kennedy bashes America and President George Bush just days before the historic elections in Iraq. He has said American soldiers are the problem instead of saying it's the terrorists. Kennedy claimed Iraqis are supporting the terrorists even though thousands are fighting along side of American soldiers against the terrorists. While Iraqis are excited and hopeful by the election, Kennedy gave aid and comfort to the terrorists whom murder thousands including cutting off the heads of many innocent people. Senator Kennedy has disgraced himself and should do the right thing and resign in disgrace. It's clear Kennedy has no decency about him and has continued his calls of defeat for America and a victory for terrorists in Iraq. Other Democrats have been silent and it's not yet known if any will have the courage to face the out of control Senator from Massachusetts. Sen. Ted Kennedy is destined to be known like his father whom also sided with the enemies of America and the free world before WWII. Kennedy's father was a Nazi supporter. Ted Kennedy's call for America to flee from terrorists whom attacked American on 9-11 is a boost to the terrorist network and encourages them to kill more people and kill more American soldiers. The Iraqi election is a historic event that the terrorists are trying to stop. The Iraqi people are showing the world that they want freedom by voting regardless of the terrorist's threats. Kennedy said it wasn't possible for successful elections in Iraq and may be trying to prop up the enemies of America to prevent freedom from spreading in Iraq and the middle east and the victory that America has in Iraq and the war on terror.

Friday, January 21, 2005

President George Bush's Freedom speech

President Bush made the focus of his Inauguration speech about freedom. He spoke about promoting freedom around the world. It was a very optimistic, positive and future looking speech. It recognized the greatness of America to achieve great things. Naturally, the liberals and Democrats didn't like it. Liberals in the crowd jeered and other leftists protested with large signs filled with words of hate while Bush spoke of freedom for all people. While Republicans, conservatives and President George Bush speak about freedom and a better world, liberals take the other side in opposition.

The Bush Inauguration speech is one for the history books. There were great world leaders that said great and important things that helped shape the world. President Bush is one of first truly world leaders where people look for his leadership. People around the world will grasp Bush's words of freedom and gain hope in their hearts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Rich liberals don't want lower income people to invest their money like they do

Rich liberals like Kennedy, Rockefeller, Hillary, Lautenberg, Corzine, Feinstein, Kohl, Kerry and others invest their millions in all kinds of investments. Most of their holdings are invested in real-estate, stocks and bonds to get a better return on their money. The same rich liberals don't want lower income people to invest their money that goes into Social Security so that they get a better return. For lower income people Social Security is the largest part of their financial holdings and for some it's all of it. Take the flip side. Would the rich liberals agree to have all or most of their millions tired up in Social Security? Let's raise the contribution to Social Security so rich liberals can transfer their millions to the Social Security system. When they are at age of retirement they can collect a monthly payment and get the same return on their millions as lower income people get on their Social Security retirement. I wonder how many rich liberals would agree to this? It's what they want for lower income people, so it should also be good enough for them.