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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why the Libs Hate Bolton

I've figured it out. There is a logical reason the libs hate John Bolton. It's all about his hair! Think about's a guy sporting a Beatle haircut and a mustach and Joe Biden had to have hair implants, he's jealous! All these children of the 60's can't even grow their own hair and this guy is flaunting it. Those who can grow hair had to clean up their acts to fool their moderate constuants or they would be doing the moptop look themselves. (I was kinda hoping the next Pope after John Paul would have gone for the name George Ringo but no luck)

Yup it's all about the haircut. Well that and the fact Bolton may have actually wanted to fire an incompetant government employee, God forbid. Hey if getting rid of incompetants in Government were in style most of the Senators on the committee would be selling apples.

I'm waiting to hear if Bolton served as a crossing guard in elementary school and made some black kids wait for traffic to cross (check it out Al and Jesse this could sink the deal).

OK, John, want the gig? Catch a ride with the Pres the next trip to LA and the the Christo special at the airport. It would be a done deal.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Washington Post and NYTimes practice 'yellow journalism'

Washington Post and the NYTimes each ran political hit pieces on House leader Tom Delay. In total disregard for facts the two liberal newspapers ran articles to smear Tom Delay in what has become the liberals favorite to attack. The last few years leftist groups backed by Democrat extremist George Soros have tried to destroy Tom Delay by making charges against him. The two liberal newspapers took the liberal groups lead as well as many Democrats to smear Tom Delay in one of the worst cases of yellow journalism in years.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dems led us to war

Clinton wasn't interested in dealing with terrorist acts. Morris said Clinton had no care about it. Clinton encouraged the terrorists to attack America by not stopping them or confronting them. Clinton emboldened then the terrorists by making the USA look weak which led to the war on terror. All Dems let us to wars; FDR led to WWII, Truman let to the Korean war, Kennedy and Johnson led to the Vietnam war and now Clinton led to the war on terror.

Dems are attacking the Constitution and the Judiciary

Its unconstitutional what the dems are doing, they are attacking the Consitution and Judiciary by filibustering good judges. Republicans have to protect the Constitution and get the judges confirmed.